RollerCon 2015

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oh my! ohhhhh my!!! RollerCon how we love thee-

what an amazing week of RollerCon madness.

it WAS the official worldwide launch of My BoutBook and boy, did we ever do it in style.

we heard SO much positivity from the derby world for My BoutBook. SO many other sports track what happens in their sport. Now it’s roller derby’s turn. We have been missing out!

thanks to all those skaters from around the world that took their time to come and check out what My BoutBook can do for them. It is the new tool for your gear bag.

we gave away a BoutBook each day of RollerCon for those that stopped by and entered our contest. we gave away over 1000 stickers and talked derby non-stop. so SO much fun.

what a wonderful derby world we live in. we were SO sad to go home, but SO stoked to bring the RollerCon high back to our team.

can’t wait for next year!

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