Derby Success Quiz Data


The Derby Success Quiz was designed to help skaters understand how their derby habits impact their roller derby success. The Derby Success Quiz is compiled of 30 questions and takes approximately 6 minutes to complete. The maximum score possible is 160, the minimum is 40.

The Quiz tests skaters on their current roller derby habits, including:

  • Body – 10 questions
  • Game – 7 questions
  • Mind – 10 question
  • Team – 3 questions
  • Gear – 3 questions
  • Personal – 4 questions

The last 4 opinion questions do not impact the score of the quiz.

Scoring categories
40 to 70 points – Interested
71 to 100 points – Involved
101 to 130 points – Immersed
131 to 160 points – Invested

Personal Data
Skater’s age, gender and experience level are the only personal data collected or shared during this quiz. No personal contact information is collected or stored.

Like Data?
So do we! There is all sorts of amazing things we can learn about the habits of roller derby skaters that can be pulled from this quiz. We’re planning on doing it, and we are open to sharing the data with you too. Please contact us to discuss arrangements.