The Day New Years Resolutions Die

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February is a dangerous month for New Year’s Resolutions. Much of the data out there says that up to 80% of New Years resolutions FAIL in February. Crazy right?

We sure don’t want our derby goals or YOURS to die!

To help inspire skaters to keep moving forward with their goals (whether it is a New Years resolutions or not), we decided to launch the 1st annual MY Moment Contest. So… we are challenging YOU to remember your biggest derby learning moment of 2016 and share it for a chance to win.

The NEW BoutBook My Moment Contest takes place February 2nd to the 26th of 2017 and offers skaters a chance to win one of 3 Custom My BoutBook Prize Packs.

This contest hopes to inspire skaters to reflect on their success and to see how far they have come by asking them to share their top derby learning experience in 2016.

We are often SO critical of ourselves and rarely take time to reflect on our successes. When you take the time to look back through the bouts you played in and the bootcamps you attended, you’ll often get a glimpse of progress you made. Taking the time to recognize what you learned, what mistakes you made and how your skating has changed can allow you to gain sense of accomplishment and inspire you to continue to grow into a stronger, smarter skater.

To enter the contest, you need to Capture – Upload & Share your ultimate derby learning moment by clicking below. Click here to Enter the My Moment Contest

What is a derby learning moment?
No matter what your level of derby skill (fresh meat OR all star) you are always learning – isn’t that what is SO amazing about roller derby?! We hope you have amazing derby moments every time you put on your skates. Your derby learning moment can be something big (like an a-ha moment on the track) or something small (like something a team mate said to you). Your moment should have taken place in 2016.

How do I capture my derby learning moment?
To capture your derby moment, we recommend taking time to REFLECT on all your 2016 derby adventures. We are often SO critical of ourselves and rarely take time to reflect on our successes. When you take the time to look back through the bouts you played in and the bootcamps you attended, you may find great moments you had already forgotten about. Nothing popping into your head? Try flipping through your BoutBook, scrolling through your photos on Facebook/Instagram, or talking to your teammates. Once you have identified your moment, you then need to CAPTURE what happened, and what it meant to YOU. You can write about it, doodle it, draw it OR maybe it’s already recorded in your BoutBook.

What type of photo should I upload?
Take a photo of how you captured your derby learning moment (aka- how you wrote, doodled or drew it). Be sure your photos include the details on what your top derby learning moment was, and what it means to you. Please note: the photo you submit must belong to you. It should not be an image taken by a photographer.

How do I vote?
After your photo has been uploaded, they are automatically added to the gallery. Once photos are in the gallery, they can receive votes. Visitors to the photo gallery can vote once per day during the contest period. To vote, simply click on the photo you think is the best derby learning moment.

How can I get more votes for my photo?
When you complete the upload of your photo, you will be directed to a page that contains a link for your contest photo. Copy your link and share it. Ask you friends, family and team mates to vote for your photo. Share it via social media, email and everywhere else. The more votes you get the better your chance is of winning.

How are the winners chosen?
The two photos entries with the most votes at the end of the contest period will each win a Custom BoutBook Prize Pack. One winner will also be chosen by the BoutBook Crew, for a total of 3 Custom Prize Packs that will be given away. Winners will be notified on February 27th, 2017 by email.

Who can enter?
Anyone who is involved with roller derby can enter – yep – that means skaters, NSO’s, Refs, Juniors, and more. The contest is for skaters in Canada and the Continental USA. Skaters outside this area may enter, but must understand that they would be responsible for additional shipping costs if their entry if chosen as a winner.

What is the prize?
Each winner will be awarded a Custom BoutBook Prize Pack. Each Prize Pack will contain a BoutBook, sticker pack and 2 additional items of their choice from the MY Moment Contest Win image (a hat, t-shirt, mug, or pillow) which will be custom printed for them. Due to the length of time necessary for the custom printing process, winners will most likely receive their prizes by the end of March 2017.

How long does the contest run?
The MY Moment Contest starts at 7AM GMT on Feburary 2nd and will run till Feburary 26th, 2017 at 11:59PM.