derbysuccess-header-MC Oh my goodness…
Your path to Derby Success is about to begin!
There are 3 things you need to do to get yourself all set up, including:

1 Get Organized
Get these couple things prepped and you’ll be good to go:

  • print and review the derby success checklist
  • look at your schedule and plan when you will do the Derby Success challenges
  • note: your emails will arrive once a week, for 5 weeks. If you registered on a Monday, then your emails will always arrive on a Monday.
  • 2 Connect
    Join the Derby Success exclusive Facebook Group to find:

  • an online community of like-minded skaters
  • a place to give and receive advice and share ideas
  • inspiration to help stay accountable to the goals you set
  • Request to Join the Derby Success FB group
    3 Inbox Action
    Get things organized so that you will be able to find the Derby Success resources when you need them. Add:

  • add to your address book as one of your contacts
  • invite your team mates to join you in taking our E-Course by asking them What’s YOUR Derby Score?
  • Ok.. enough already… get back to your Derby Success Challenge and get to work!