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Logbooks are commonly used essential tools in many other sports like: scuba diving, skydiving and running – now derby has one too. But… this is not your average logbook.

My BoutBook is the roller derby solution to tracking all the amazing things that happen on and off the track by helping you record, remember and reflect.

My BoutBook is a creative way for skaters to track and journal their derby experiences. This logbook is the first and only roller derby bout logbook made just for roller derby.

The bout log pages in the front of MyBoutBook help you track goals and game play – now you can go back and remember what happened where, when and with whom. The lined pages in the back half of the book are designed for your boot camp notes, top secret strategies and more.

This 6×8.5″, 72-page, coil-bound notebook infused with the quintessential derby flavor that is unique, creative and expressive and includes cool additions like inspirational quotes on each page and a mini flip book.

My BoutBook sales support the Avalanche City All Star team in their mission to dominate and to maintain their team bus.

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We ship in increments of fours (4,8,12,24,ect). The book wholesale cost is 12USD and recommend retail price is 20USD.

My BoutBook is the IDEAL xmas derby gift. Be sure you have enough in stock for the upcoming holiday season.

Shop Local campaigns are common throughout North America, and aim to increase consumer awareness of the importance of supporting stores in their local communities. When we support locally based businesses, we take a step towards ensuring our derby community thrives. Each dollar we spend is like a vote for the derby future we want.

As the international interest in the sport of derby continues to grow, so does the chance that large corporations could begin entering the derby market. It is essential to the success of our derby-based businesses to ensure skaters understand the importance of supporting their local derby-based retailer.

We know skaters ‘think derby’, now we need them to ‘SHOP DERBY’. When skaters choose to make a purchase we need them to consider more than just finding the lowest price, we need them to think about who they want to support.

My BoutBook has chosen to sell our product through derby-based retailers instead of through our website to support the amazing committed derby retailers that exist. We hope to highlight the amazing variety of derby stores available to skaters and encourage them to shop there. Viva la derby!