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My BoutBook is an amazing tool for teams to use. There is magic that happens when your team gets into the habit of logging your bouts, reflecting on what happens on the track and setting goals.

My BoutBook gives you the framework to log your bouts with ease.

We spend SO much time preparing for games and then when the last whistle of the bout has blown, we can barely remember what happened on the track. Soon after… all our bouts merge and we lose so much of the work we put in.

Record your derby history so jamnesia doesn’t destroy those amazing memories.

Our special team pricing offers a discount for any purchase of 5 or more books. The deal increases the more you buy. If you order 10 books, you get 10% off. If you order 17 books, you get 17% off. The max savings available is 20%. Check out the table below to explore the savings…


# of books 5





Total regular price $100





Total team price $95





Total savings save $5

save $20

save $45

save $80


Team price/book $19/book




Connect with us to talk about how My BoutBook can work for your team. This special discount is only available via our website.

  • MyBoutBook-web
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